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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all any idea how we can have this Grid filter bar like below https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/2fon&view/editor
  2. Hi Farshad, Since 2016 I have followed you and I have followed the ascending progression of UniGui, today your Framework has reached maturity and has become a global benchmark. We have just acquired our first license to start the switchover Our only request if this is possible is to integrate Filter Bar as above https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/2fon&view/editor
  3. Hi I'm having a problem with the Editor component on the grid columns. I use the editor in a very similar way then the code sample Grid-Filter2, But there is a behavior that has changed and i could not solve it. In the current version of Unigui when the mouse is over the column Header the Editor immediately gains focus. But in older versions this doesn't happen and I need the old behavior. There is a solution to that? I've messed around with the editor component without success. I dont quite know if the problem is clear, but just run the grid-filter2 on the curent
  4. Hi, I think that UniDbGrid filtering features are really powerful. In certain cases, however, there is the need to filter multiple values from a list (DBLookup combo), as can be done in MS Excel (see attachment). Currently, with a DBLookupComboBox filter editor, there is the possibility to filter just one value. Is there the possibility to develop such an enhancement ? Thanks for your work. Andrea
  5. jbo

    DBGrid + filter

    Hello, The columns of the DBGrid do not move when moving from one filter to another via the "Tab" key. How can you refresh the grid without going back to the first column? Thanks.
  6. Finally! I now have understood and learned how to filter a uniDBGrid using a hiddenpanel with dblookupcombos. But I cannot figure out, if it is possible to move the filtering dblookupcombos, so they are outside the uniDBGrid. Anyone with a trick?
  7. Hello It would be nice to have more options for filtering DBGrids. For example, for a column of the DBGrid to have 2 UniEdits available for composing the filter (to filter all the values between the values introduced in edits for a numeric field). Something like: Column.Filtering.Editor := uedt1; Column.Filtering.Editor2 := uedt2; Also, I try to set for a column, the Filtering.Editor equal to a TUniDateTimePicker component but it dosen't seem to work. It is possible something like that? Thank you, Daniel
  8. Hi, new day, new question: my porpouse is to use a edit field (TuniEdit) to filter the TuniTreeView, showing only the leap of the tree matching the text content of TuniEdit. I use following code into onKeyDown event of Tuniedit: if (key = vk_return) then for i := 0 to uniTreeView1.items.count - 1 do begin // check is a leap if not uniTreeView1.items[i].HasChildren then begin // check the text contenct if Pos(UpperCase(uniEdit1.text) , UpperCase(uniTreeView1.items[i].text) ) > 0 then begin // show item/node uniTreeView1.items[i].Vis
  9. Hello, 1)Found that if only one column in UniDBGrid is filtered (even if it's not visible) and others are not, all columns appearance still suffer from it - large headers, columns' titles are aligned vertically in the center. IMHO It would be better if unidbgrid headers return to normal height when no visible filtered columns are present . Also it would be nice to allow changing vertical alignment of the header's title. 2)After clearing filter the OnColumnFilter handler receives variant Value parameter set to zero or empty string. This is not a good way of using variants cause these values m
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