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  1. daniel@winarhi.ro

    change value of UniDBGrid at OnDrawColumnCell event

    It work's....thank you.
  2. Hello Can Someone tell me how can I change the value of a cell from a UniDBGrid at OnDrawColumnCell event? I need to change the text from some of the cells with it's translated equivalent. Thank you, Daniel
  3. daniel@winarhi.ro


    Hello Can someone please guide me how to have the value entered by a client in a Prompt window on the server side? I have a Prompt window which is in a OnClick event of a button. So, after a user click's a button, depending on some conditins, a prompt will appear and after the user write a text in the prompt window in the browser and hits OK button, I wanna do something with entered text, before the OnClick event is finished. Something like: procedure TMainForm.ubtnClick(Sender: TObject); begin if TUniButton(Sender).Tag = 1 then DoSomething() else Prompt('AMessage', '', mtInformation, .....????.....); //and here I would like to have the text introduced by the user into the prompt window end; Thank you
  4. daniel@winarhi.ro

    DBGrid filtering options

    Hello It would be nice to have more options for filtering DBGrids. For example, for a column of the DBGrid to have 2 UniEdits available for composing the filter (to filter all the values between the values introduced in edits for a numeric field). Something like: Column.Filtering.Editor := uedt1; Column.Filtering.Editor2 := uedt2; Also, I try to set for a column, the Filtering.Editor equal to a TUniDateTimePicker component but it dosen't seem to work. It is possible something like that? Thank you, Daniel
  5. daniel@winarhi.ro

    UniScrollbox has no "layout" property

    Hello I have the same problem like the one you described. Did you found a workaround for it? Thanks, Daniel
  6. daniel@winarhi.ro

    scrollbox layout property

    Hello I need a scrollable container (I use a uniscrollbox) for more components (panels stocked from top to bottom) which will be created at runtime. The problem is that the forms AlignmentControl is set to uniAlignmentClient so the panels which I create into the scrollbox don't take the whole width of the scrollbox. This is because scrollbox has no Layout property, I think. How to make the panels to take the whole width of the scrollbox?
  7. daniel@winarhi.ro

    panel with fixed height

    OK....found a solution: -the form's layout: anchor -the top panel: LayoutConfig.Anchor = '100%' and the Height = 150 (this is for the fixed height which I wanted for the top panel). -and the not intuitive at all solution for the bottom panel: LayoutConfig.Anchor = '100% 0' Also the panels CreateOrder must be set from top to bottom. It doesn't work for browser window resize but is better than nothing. If someone has a better approach please reply.
  8. daniel@winarhi.ro

    panel with fixed height

    Hello I cannot make (and I've tried in countless ways) to make a form with 2 horizontal panels, the top one with fixed height (150) and the second one filling the rest of the form. What I think that should work is something like: object UniForm1: TUniForm1 Left = 0 Top = 0 ClientHeight = 695 ClientWidth = 1021 Caption = 'UniForm1' BorderStyle = bsNone WindowState = wsMaximized OldCreateOrder = False MonitoredKeys.Keys = <> AlignmentControl = uniAlignmentClient Layout = 'border' PixelsPerInch = 96 TextHeight = 13 object UniPanel1: TUniPanel Left = 360 Top = 40 Width = 256 Height = 128 Hint = '' CreateOrder = 1 TabOrder = 0 Caption = 'UniPanel1' LayoutConfig.Height = '150' LayoutConfig.Region = 'north' end object UniPanel2: TUniPanel Left = 360 Top = 208 Width = 256 Height = 128 Hint = '' CreateOrder = 2 TabOrder = 1 Caption = 'UniPanel2' LayoutConfig.Region = 'center' end end But it doesn't workt. The top panel is always of some fixed height but not the height which I specify. The only way to change the height of the top panel is to put some percentage in LayoutConfig.Height, (like LayoutConfig.Height ='20%') but this is not what I want. I want a fixed height. I've tried also with vbox and with anchor layout but it doesn't work either. Someone help me please. Thank you, Daniel
  9. daniel@winarhi.ro

    panels with custom width

    Hello In the MainForm I have a panel with 4 child panels (3 of them aligned to left and one to client). I want that the width of the child panels to be 25% of the width of the parent panel. I look at the demo examples but is not clear to me how to do it. The ServerModule.MainFormDisplay is set to mfPage, and the MainForm.WindowState is wsNormal. Thank you, Daniel
  10. daniel@winarhi.ro

    unidbgrid column with #13#10

    it worked....thanks
  11. daniel@winarhi.ro

    unidbgrid column with #13#10

    Hello Can I display in a column of a unidbgrid a text consisting of strings delimited by #13#10? I want the text to be displayed with new line after the #13#10. Now it is displayed like this: This is first line. This is second line. but I want it like this: This is first line. This is second line. I already set the DisplayMemo to True. Thank you, Daniel