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Found 14 results

  1. Father of All Toast/Notify Bootstrap, JQuery and Delphi/Pascal Bootstrap-Notify-JQuery.mp4 (click over image above to see animation) Feature List: Based on Bootstrap Toast and works on Desktop and Mobile without any problems. Adapted to easily include any FontAwesome icon. Based on Bootstrap Toast and works on Desktop and Mobile without any problems. Adapted to easily include any FontAwesome icon. Easily embed special images via SVG or upload from external files and sources. Timed and auto-hide (default in Bootstrap). Badges support in messages and with standard backgrounds (info, success, warning, error), giving your system a more professional appearance. - assign default sounds for error, info, warning as I did in the examples or anything else you want to add. - Direct callback integration for uniGUI. Everything transformed into functions/procedures in pascal to call directly from uniGUI. No JS to get in the way. Some predefined background themes that are easy to modify. Easy to include logos of real or famous companies via font or your own images. Definable positioning on the screen (6 basic positions). GUID ticket support via toast. It is a technique to control whether a message was displayed and when it is closed it returns the value to the uniGUI of the toast that was just displayed on the client. Great for reliable notifications. Support for sound alerts along with Toast. You can easily include other sounds for interactions Modularity of the Pascal code: just declare the unit, initialize the pattern you want and use it as simply as a "showtoast". It is not an IDE "to-install" component ! Declaring the unit you´re ready to use on desktop and mobile. Use the same code for both. Overlays both uniGUI forms (some don't do this due to Z-index) and the normal web interface. No obstructions like other Notify/Toast examples that gives problems when not designed/adapted for uniGUI. By reading the html/CSS/JS code, it is easy to create new themes that blend better with your interface. All source code included. Project for sale ! More info at https://www.unigui.com.br/uniguifoan.html You can download a completely functional (but no source code) from here.
  2. uniGUI - Module Notification This notification lib is different since it injects the notification inside a module container. So, is perfect for a non intrusive like dashboards and works perfectly with native uniGUI controls. Module-Noty.mp4 Download project below. Only for uniGUI subscribers. Project19-ModuleNotification.rar
  3. Coming soon... CodeInjector package: Allows code injection into your application and with macro substitution before injection. Easy to use and allows you to make your work easier with extra code that needs to be changed before being used in components or more complex operations such as SQL statements, JavaScript Functions, Text Templates, HTML Code, CSS and anything else that can be treated as AnsiString text /UTF8 by Delphi. With this package you can easily adapt any HTML template or JavaScript code for direct injection into your section of a uniGUI program, enabling it to bypass the dependency on native uniGUI components and/or improve their use. TciMacroStrInjector: The persistent type of repository for a text with text replacement macro. The string you store here is archived in your program and can be expanded (have macro-replaced performed) at any time. The expansion does not change the original string and is done by the ExpandMacros method that returns a new string after the appropriate replacement. In this format, because it is not possible to change the original text as it is stored as a resource in your program, it is very useful for SQL Code, JavaScript functions (eg use in uniGUI and Intraweb), customizing message texts, scripts for chats etc. TciDBMacroStrInjector: Same as TciMacroStrInjector but with datasource support. This way you can easily enable any html "component" from other frameworks to link to a table and display updated data or during navigation or query return in a simple and uncomplicated way in your code. TciMUltiStrInjector: The persistent type of repository that allows storage together with your program but with divisions by sections that can be ordered by name. Very useful for application of SQL code, JavaScript. HTML and inject it into your application as in conjunction with the previous MACRO components but with more data handling power. You can easily integrate responsive admin templates into your database and present real-time updated data. TciFileStrInjector: Allows loading of a local file and its immediate replacement macro. It retains the string in the component allowing it to be saved, encrypted or not, in the DFM and allows combining macros and preferably in a new version. Returns the expanded file for injection. Imagine you can take a page, customize it with the replacement macro, and pass it to a uniHTMLFrame or uniURLFrame and respond to AJAX events through them. TciWebStrInjector: Allows the GET of a URL/File page and its replacement macro. Returns the manipulated file for injection. Ideal to integrate your system with real-time feedback API such as weather forecast, quotes, REST API consumption, page manipulation from other sources, etc. directly from a url. You can use one component in conjunction with another for example ciMultiStrInjector and ciMacroStrInjector. Thus, it has a greater ability to handle large amounts of data that can be macro-replaced, exported or imported into your program. Finishing the demos and docs... this is the kind of component that really is missing in uniGUI and you can use anything available in the web to integrate and beautify your programs like you never did before. New demo videos and demo examples available in 24 hs... Thanks... Fred Montier This example above uses BootsStrap panels with responsive layout but the numbers you see changing are provided by ciMacroStrInjector with random values triggered by a timer that updates macro tags in the HTML text. In this manner you could update anything via DB (datasource) or external URL and convert any html code to live binding content. It's easy and you could use any other framework besides the native uniGUI components achieving great results to the UI experience ! Best of all, toke me just 2 minutes to convert this old project... More to come...
  4. Hi everyone, In response to a request from a member I have put together a simple little project to help him/her get going with using Bootstrap with uniGui. I am re-posting it here with the hope that it might help others who are interested in the topic and don't know how to get going. I have called the project uniGui-Bootstrap Starter Project and provided a link below. It addresses issues like: - What you need to use Bootstrap - How to populate a Bootstrap page with uniGui data (e.g. table records). - How to handle Bootstrap page mouse-clicks. The project uses only one uniGui component, the uniURLFrame. Everything else is done in HTML + jQuery + CSS. I have inserted a bit of in-line documentation in main.pas and in both the HTML and Javascript files to help web-application newbies. I put this together in a very short time so apologize for any bugs or things I have overlooked. I personally think a lot of magic is possible with uniGui + Bootstrap, e.g. it is so simple to build applications that would work equally well on any device (with some caveats). I would welcome some feedback, e.g. how many members think we should have a new Browse Section call Bootstrap? Enjoy. Bootstrap-uniGui StarterProject.zip
  5. Projeto que demonstra o poder do uniGUI e sua produtividade para facilitar a construção/migração de projetos novos/legados. Versão Project that demonstrates the power of uniGUI and its productivity to facilitate the construction / migration of new / legacy projects. Version
  6. This project brought together several resources to improve its interface when using uniGUI. The approach, for example, presents a great advantage and speed of adaptation of the concepts presented to suit your projects. It has a simple build for buttons that mimic the appearance of the bootstrap. The advantage of using this CSS file is that not using the Boostrap interface directly and in this way you will avoid several alignment and spacing problems that will arise when using the uniGUI basic controls. You can combine these css classes with the resurrection of icons of fonts currently existing in the unigui. And finally, we added the Hover.css class that will create a number of simple animation effects on your Buttons, Labels, Panels, Images etc ... it will practically work on everyone. Buttons CSS (btn-bootstrap.css) by Silvio Santos - uniguidesign@gmail.com. Hover.css by Ian Lun - https://ianlunn.github.io/ Example, Adaptations and improvements by Fred Montier Project available at https://www.unigui.express
  7. Hello community! Unfortunately this is in Portuguese, but I would like to share with you a quick way to use Bootstrap in uniGUI. Bootstrap.rar
  8. Hello friends, is there any way to use the bootstrap css with unigui buttons? Thank you very much in advance.
  9. Hi, Has a the possibility of doing a collapse the way it is in this example of Fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/DTcHh/#&togetherjs=re4gOG14b5? When you click the link, there is an expansion, but using the bootstrap library? Thanks Charles
  10. Hello, I tried to install the bootstrap theme that I found in this forum. Seems that with uniGUI 1.0 not works. Exist a new version or someone that works? thanks kind regards Antonello
  11. Configuration is always easy extjs-theme-bootstrap-master.zip
  12. Hello, I am creating a login screen using bootstrap, the information that is in the tEdits I have been able to retrieve, however I have a checkbox that indicates whether or not to save the user data in cookies, I can not in any way recover a true or false Coming from checkbox, I'm using a tuniurlframe to display the controls I pass the data to the form using the OnAjaxEvent event In the end it does not return the property in the event I'm sending the project to make it easier to understand Login HTML.rar
  13. Hi All! How about a theme extjs-theme-bootstrap? https://github.com/NewbridgeGreen/extjs-theme-bootstrap http://twitter.github.io/bootstrap/base-css.html Has anyone used this themes? Thanks...
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