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  1. I'm not using this component, I'm using the UniFileUpload component and it doesn't have that option!
  2. How can I use it if it doesn't have the "ShowUploadingMessage" option?
  3. I'm using the UniFileUpload component and it doesn't have this property. UniFileUploadButton.ShowUploadingMessage = True
  4. I would also like to use a mask when uploading a file, how can I do that?
  5. it worked thank you very much!
  6. I made an example with just the edits UniGui Teste.rar
  7. Additional code where? Would it be in onCreate?
  8. Yes, When I open the form it looks like this, and after I focus on the edits it disappears with the X
  9. Where do I put this code? I put it in onCreate but it didn't work
  10. I have this code in my UniFrameCreate BtnFilter.JSInterface.JSAddListener( 'click', 'function(){'+ SearchPaFilters.JSName +'.setVisible(!'+ SearchPaFilters.JSName +'.isVisible())'+ '}' ); and I would like when I click the F2 key to execute this code, there is a way to do this BtnFiltro.Click; ?
  11. If you can give me an example, I'd appreciate it, when you have the native option to mark the record, that's where the error happens
  12. I live with this error for years and it has never been resolved, unfortunately. I think the grid deserved an overhaul as it is the most used component on all systems.
  13. Are you going to sell the tool? If so, I'm interested in knowing more about her.
  14. I'm using a TUniSpinEdit and I'd like to block typing if the typed value is greater than that informed in the MaxValue property, the component lets me type a larger value and it turns red, and the user sometimes doesn't see it. I would like to block or show a message if this happens. Thanks!!
  15. I'm using it in the same way as wilton_rad I use IIS + Hyperserver and each client has its own folder.
  16. I go through that too, in several places in my code it doesn't work.
  17. In this code, what is the UniThreadTimer1.Lock command for? procedure TUniServerModule.UniThreadTimer1Timer(Sender: TObject); begin UniThreadTimer1.Lock; syslog('test server'); UniThreadTimer1.Unlock; end;
  18. I've been working with this for years and all of a sudden it stopped working, I just put Hypersever to work and these errors show up for me sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:00:44 []:>--------------------------------------------------------------< sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:00:44 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:00:44 [TUniServerModule]:Start Path = C:\inetpub\wwwroot\novo\ sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:00:44 [TUniHyperServer]:InitInterceptor sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:00:45 [Transport.PoolSize]:516 sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:02:19 [TUniHyperNode.Terminate]:Node #0 forcefully terminated. sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:02:19 [PostInit]:Failed to initialize node: 0 sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:02:19 [TUniServerModule]:Starting HTTP Server on Port: 8081... sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:02:19 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Started on Port: 8081 sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 000016E8: 12:02:28 [TUniHyperNode.Terminate]:Node #1 forcefully terminated. sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 000016E8: 12:02:29 [TUniHyperNodeManagerWorker]:Failed to initialize node: 1
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