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  1. I'm using a TUniSpinEdit and I'd like to block typing if the typed value is greater than that informed in the MaxValue property, the component lets me type a larger value and it turns red, and the user sometimes doesn't see it. I would like to block or show a message if this happens. Thanks!!
  2. I'm using it in the same way as wilton_rad I use IIS + Hyperserver and each client has its own folder.
  3. I go through that too, in several places in my code it doesn't work.
  4. In this code, what is the UniThreadTimer1.Lock command for? procedure TUniServerModule.UniThreadTimer1Timer(Sender: TObject); begin UniThreadTimer1.Lock; syslog('test server'); UniThreadTimer1.Unlock; end;
  5. I've been working with this for years and all of a sudden it stopped working, I just put Hypersever to work and these errors show up for me sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:00:44 []:>--------------------------------------------------------------< sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:00:44 [TUniServerModule]:Server First Init. sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:00:44 [TUniServerModule]:Start Path = C:\inetpub\wwwroot\novo\ sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:00:44 [TUniHyperServer]:InitInterceptor sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:00:45 [Transport.PoolSize]:516 sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:02:19 [TUniHyperNode.Terminate]:Node #0 forcefully terminated. sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:02:19 [PostInit]:Failed to initialize node: 0 sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:02:19 [TUniServerModule]:Starting HTTP Server on Port: 8081... sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 00001D0C: 12:02:19 [TUniServerModule]:HTTP Server Started on Port: 8081 sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 000016E8: 12:02:28 [TUniHyperNode.Terminate]:Node #1 forcefully terminated. sigefweb_hyper_server.exe: 000016E8: 12:02:29 [TUniHyperNodeManagerWorker]:Failed to initialize node: 1
  6. I'm using Hyperserver together with IIS and I can open the client's Hyperserver but the page doesn't open, the images are attached
  7. How can I identify the attached error with Eurekalog? SigefWeb_SERVIDORUNIGUI_20210624135703.el SigefWeb_SERVIDORUNIGUI_20210624102216.el
  8. would there be another way to do this? I'm using third party component
  9. I saw now that the property exists. What does this property do? I'm using another type of button and it doesn't have it
  10. I open my frame in a pagecontrol and close it like this: At the click of the close button: MainForm.pgGeral.ActivePage.Close;
  11. I have users who are clicking twice on the button to close my form and this error with the attached image is happening!
  12. i have this a lot on my system, can this cause any problems? TUniSpinEdit(Components[I]).JSInterface.JSConfig('hideTrigger', [True]); TUniSpinEdit(Components[I]).JSInterface.JSConfig('minValue' , [0]);
  13. but the problem only happens when I use it in the mobile form, if I leave it in the normal way
  14. But what am I going to research on?
  15. What would these settings be? I'm using chrome Version 91.0.4472.77 (Official version) 64 bits and it doesn't work, in Firefox using version 89.0 (64-bits) it works normal
  16. Do you have any news?
  17. If I access the project from my cell phone, the pdf downloads but it doesn't show on the screen. I got the demo and it looks the same. Demos: C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\Demos\Desktop\FastReport C: \ Program Files (x86) \ FMSoft \ Framework \ uniGUI \ Demos \ Desktop \ FastReport - Dynamic
  18. When I put the browser in cellular mode, my report does not appear, what would be the reason? On-screen colors are just for visualizing where the components are on the screen. I am using UniURLFrame to view the report.
  19. Sorry, that's right UniDBLookupComboBox
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