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  1. VojkoCendak

    what Resources/Handles mean from server console

    Hi, Can we track handles in UniGui ? What are exactly handles in unigui ? When the handles reach max server stops. thank you
  2. Hi, (Rio 10.3.3, UniGui Professional_1.90.0.1517) Handles are slowly getting from 400 to 1000. We don't know what they mean. Thank you , Vojko Cendak
  3. Hi, We have in db DateTime field with Float values: 25.9.2019 00:00:00 1.2 25.9.2019 00:01:00 6.0 25.9.2019 00:02:00 null (empty in record) - we don't want to draw it on chart 25.9.2019 00:03:00 1.9 25.9.2019 00:04:00 1.1 ... How can we NOT display 3. record point and that the line between 2 and 4 is not drawn ? Is this actually possible ? We saw something in ExtJS useNull option . This is important for us to use, because the user needs to see that values are missing. We use this in VCL TeeChart succesfuly. Thank you, Vojko Cendak
  4. VojkoCendak

    UniChart AxisB Time custom labels

    Yes and DisplayFormat is different then in the dbgrid: it's "dd.mm.yyyy hh:nn:ss" instead of "dd.mm.yyyy hh:nn". thank you
  5. VojkoCendak

    change unichart left axis font size & format number

    Have you succeded ? thank you
  6. VojkoCendak

    UniChart AxisB Time custom labels

    Hi, could you please have a look ? thank you
  7. VojkoCendak

    UniChart AxisB Time custom labels

    test case with corrected uses units. If there are any just delete them. UniGui test fmsoft.zip
  8. VojkoCendak

    UniChart AxisB Time custom labels

    Hi, (UniGuiComplete pro, Delphi XE5 pro, Win7 pro) 1. We have a chart connected to db dataset with TDateTime field. The field has Display format: 'd.m.zyy h:n'. The unidbgrid displays format ok, but chart displays d.m.yyy hh:nn:ss - 1.9.2019 14:22:12. Is this OK ? 2. How can we set datetime format on AxisB in two lines ?: date top and time bottom and maybe control angle of labels ? 3. How can we setup major ticks and minor ticks: chart is not affected by it ? thank you , Vojko Cendak
  9. Hi everyone, there is an error when Use Unicode UTF-8 is checked. I thought it was new version of Windows 10pro version 1903, but it's the same with older ones version 1803, I think. Hope it will help others. Hopefully it doesn't affect the runtime programs. Wish you all the best, Vojko Cendak