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  1. Bocchi

    Event BrowserClose (MainModule)

    I want to: - Close Oracle Database Connection (TOraSession from DevArt, placed on MainModule); - Close the session;
  2. Bocchi

    Event BrowserClose (MainModule)

    Please see attached sample project. Test_BrowserClose.zip
  3. Bocchi

    Event BrowserClose (MainModule)

    At this moment I can't install the latest build. Is there any workaround I can use to solve this problem?
  4. Bocchi

    Event BrowserClose (MainModule)

    I have the same problems. Event OnBrowserClose is not fired. Also TerminateOnBrowserClose doesn't work. I'm using UniGUI - Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.836.18362.0 -> WORK - Microsoft Edge 83.0.478.37 -> NOT WORK - Google Chrome 83.0.4103.61 -> NOT WORK
  5. Bocchi

    uniGUI Touch + TWebBrowser

    My environment: - uniGUI - Delphi 10.3.3 - Windows 10 64 bit I created a 32 bit application with only one form and a TWebBrowser component that call uniGUI Touch Demos (Demos\Touch\AllFeatures\mdemo.exe). Page opens correctly but I cannot select any items from the UnimNestedList. How can I solve this? Thanks.
  6. Bocchi

    ShowMask in PromptCallBack procedure

    Hello, Here is a very simple example of what I mean. TestCase.zip
  7. Bocchi

    ShowMask in PromptCallBack procedure

    Hi, Yes I did. The code is something like this procedure xxx.btnbtn1Click(Sender: TObject); begin inherited; MessageDlg('Question?',mtConfirmation, [mbYes,mbNo], CallBackProc); end; procedure xxx.CallBackProc(Sender: TComponent; Res: Integer); begin inherited; if (Res = mrNo) then Exit; ShowMask('message'); UniSession.Synchronize; code HideMask; The mask appears for less than a second before messagebox is displayed, then it disappears. I've tried this but it doesn't work. I also found someone saying that Synchronize doesn't work with callback procedure
  8. Bocchi

    ShowMask in PromptCallBack procedure

    Hi, I have a similar problem showing the screen mask during the elaboration of the callback procedure called from a yesno MessageDlg opened with a button. I've disabled the button screenmask and enabled the form screenmask. I call ShowMask in callback procedure after checking the user response. The mask appears and immediatly disappear.
  9. Hi, could I know now how to prevent the check of the first row?
  10. Hi, I'm AleB, I've resolved the "license problem" using the company account already used by my colleagues.
  11. Bocchi

    How to set unimdblistGrid's disclosureicon to bigger

    Ok, it works! Thanks!
  12. Bocchi

    How to set unimdblistGrid's disclosureicon to bigger

    Has anyone found a way to increase the size of the icon? Thanks.
  13. Bocchi

    UnimDBGrid - Some question

    1) How can I change editor panel width at runtime? 2) How can I change columns position at runtime? Thanks.