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  1. I mhmda could you please verify this question: I follow the recommendation in this topic and use uniAlignmentClient in all components, but the unimscrollbox don't cooperate with the layout.
  2. When using uniAlignmentClient the UnimScrollBox don´t alig n to container. I attach a small project! Real.bmp The objective is that scrollbox align with UnimPanelScreen (the container ) and all client components is 100% width. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/13071-responsive-mobile-modal-form/&tab=comments#comment-69803 Layout.zip
  3. Hi Sherzod, is OK, but i need change the code: function added(sender, container, index, eOpts) { var hd=sender.header; if(hd) { hd.setMinHeight(20); hd.setHeight(20); } } Thanks.
  4. Hi Sherzod, thanks for answer; Where i put this code? Mobile form don't have script!
  5. How can I change the height of the title in unimPanel? New Bitmap Image.bmp Thanks.
  6. Yes, I am a customer. And for now I'm satisfied. Small documentation, but good support.
  7. OK I found the solution; UniBitBtn1->JSInterface->JSConfig((UnicodeString)L"textAlign", ARRAYOFCONST(((UnicodeString)L"left")) ); @Hayri: Thanks @akr: C++ is very powerfull but some time have this....
  8. Ok I suspected of that, and parameters are ?
  9. Hi almusx; see Thanks to Hayri
  10. Hi Hayri; Yes is working! I try in my test case of Dephi and in my main project in C++Builder and is working! Thank you very much! Where i can find more information about this _rndAxis_ and another functions that i can use to customize the axis of chart?
  11. Hi Hayri, thanks for answer; I Try UniBitBtn1->JSInterface->JSConfig(L"textAlign", ARRAYOFCONST((L"left")) ); in UniFormCreate but the program compile but in chrome -> loading... and don't show the the form. the same in delphi UniBitBtn1.JSInterface.JSConfig('textAlign', ['left']); in TMainForm.UniFormCreate is OK and text in UniBitBtn align left I create a test program ( c++ BuilderXE ) Note: that sample is only for test of JSConfig; i evaluate UniGui and is only for that cases that is necessary use JS to extend the functionality of UniGui. BPro
  12. I agree, C++ is very powerful and UniGUI is fantastic, but is frustrating some difficulties found in UniGui with C++Builder. @Sherzod / @Farshad: how about creating a group / forum for UniGui users in C ++ Builder
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