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  1. Hi Sherzod / Farshad; Mobile chart OK, thanks.
  2. Hi farshad; at moment i can't download this build (my subscription is experied ), is possible free this build to me?
  3. Hi Farshad, any news about this?
  4. Hi Sherzod; Any news about this problem?
  5. B4A is ok, i make a test, download to my android phone and work ok.
  6. Hi Hayri; Thanks for taking time to improve Unigui. NetEncoding or System.NetEncoding not found in XE5, but NetEncoding only used in Base64toImage and if comment Compile ok and install UniMobileX. When I run demo (changed WebsiteLink to correct url) and test with my android, "Waiting Connection" is diplayed in the app and don´t work. Maybe is necessary copy some files to "files" folder of unigui app? Another question in UniAndroid, my app is showing "UniAndroid not defined" i lost something? I can't find the forum thread about UniAndroid.
  7. HI Hayri; NetEncoding not found; C++Builder/Delphi XE5
  8. Thanks Hayri; You "kill" UniAndroid? i using !
  9. Hi sherzod; Unigui prof and C++Builder / Delphi XE5 Android 9.1 chrome 98.0.4758.101 dont work Android 11 Chrome 96.0.4664.104 don't work Versão mobile!!!!
  10. Hi Sherzod, thanks for the reply. It's the same, it doesn't work. I also tried to use a unimtimer deactivated by default and activated in Onshow (timer only once) and it doesn't work either. The graph is left with Height and Width at 0.
  11. Hi Hayri, please make a look to my topic .

    Thanks in advance for your time. But i lost very days about this problem.


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