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    HowTo: bring opened form to front

    Hi Sherzod When trying : if UniMainModule.GetFormInstance(TFormTableBank, False)<>nil then begin FormTableBank.WebForm.JSInterface.JSCall('toFront', []); end; or FormTableBank.WebForm.JSInterface.JSCall('toFront', []); is NOT working
  2. mierlp

    Design question / your experience / advice

    Thanks for the answers...it's a lot how i'm also working
  3. Hi I am going to convert my 2nd vcl application within the next 6-9 months to uniGui. My first application is designed the more traditional way whereby forms are opened like with a vcl application.For my second application I want to see if another approach offers more benefits, This second application is also a large application with around 140-160 forms and tables. Many tables are often filled once and used as kind of a lookup table. I have separate forms for each table for maintenance. Here are a few design questions: what do you mainly use ... forms / frames and why? how do you open forms / frames, is this, for example, each time on a separate tab or within the same tab and do you close an existing form? what is the advantage of such a model versus the vcl-like way where you can open multiple forms at the same time, for example what is the best way to do that if you choose to load forms into separate tabs so that you have control over the opened form / frame? if you have a form to maintain a table, for example, do you open it as a show / show modal on the screen or also in a separate tab? the look-and-feel of a small form (with for example 4 fields / 2 buttons) in a full screen tab is often not nice compared to displaying that form through show / show modal because you adjust the form format to the amount of components ... how do you solve that ?. how do you design with regard to the different screen resolutions and how do you ensure that everything stays on the form? is there an example 'framework' how to build this, by which I mean for example mainform, menu, pagecontrol to open the tabs in it and that it also looks neat / professional. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages and combinations are of course also possible. The biggest disadvantage of opening everything in separate tabs is that it quickly becomes unclear for i user (i think).Especially when you get so many tabs that you get multiple rows and 2 rows of tabs on your screen. On the other hand, multiple forms on your screen can also be tricky, but you can minimize them. What I don't want is that the user cannot do multiple things at the same time and must be able to switch within a number of important forms. What are your experiences, tips, tricks, suggestions, examples
  4. mierlp

    send sms

    See my example : http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/11892-here-an-example-for-sending-sms/
  5. mierlp

    uniTreeMenu with uniMenuItems hiding

    Thanks Sherzod...this works perfect
  6. Hi, I have a uniTreeMenu with uniTreeMenu.SourceMenu a uniMenuItems connected. Based on user rights some menu items must be enabled/disabled. This is not working on runtime. When i disable some items they even still be showed and accessable. How to fix this ?
  7. mierlp

    uniTreeMenu with uniMenuItems hiding

    Not possible ?
  8. Hi, Why do you have to enlarge Fieldsets, groupbox so it will show all components on runtime. Left the design.png, see the height of the Fieldset to get the result as in runtime (right) . Normally in design i would like to size everything as showed on runtime When sizing the height from the Fieldset to a normal height (as in Runtime) then the last dblookupcombobox will not be visible. This is not only with Fieldset but also the groupbox. You have to enlarge width and heigth to show all components. Regards Peter
  9. mierlp

    Enlarge fieldset/groupbox to show all components

    Nice...very nice Gerhard... This works perfect. Thanks for the explanation
  10. mierlp

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    Hi Sorry for the late response. In connection with a cerebral infarction that my mother has had in recent days, I did not have time for the forum. Thanks for your comments and help ... is appreciated. I'm looking at it this week. Regards Peter
  11. mierlp

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    Hi See attachment. How can a open the form in the pagecontrol as in the attachement The form is 760w x 560h and is just called by form.show and navigate the the position by hand for the image. I would like to show it in horizontal in the center op the pagecontrole and lets say 50px from the top of the pagecontrol. I have tried a lot of settings/combinations but can't get it working. - Which setting do i need for the showed form (like position, or layout or layoutattribs) - which setting do i need for the pagecontrole Regards Peter
  12. mierlp

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    Hi Something i'm doing wrong, but can't find out what. I followed the advize from this thread but it's not showing correctly like described in the first post Attachted a little example. TestCase.zip
  13. mierlp

    HowTo : Open form in PageControl

    then the form will open at the left and top site of the tabsheet I can use margins but when resizing the main form wil not position the opened form on the correct possition
  14. mierlp

    HowTo : send mail

    Hi, I was wondering how you send e-mail. I know Indy can be used, but i find in not the best solution for my Win32 applications so i switched to AddEmail from Traysoft. A nice feature is that you can import a html file into the body of the message. Using FastReport the user could create a report for his e-mail body. The report was exported to html and then imported into the e-mail message body. AddEmail is a active X and you have several non visual components which can be used with uniGui Questions: - how do you facilitate composing/sending a single mail to a user...do you have a self build mail form? normally i used the shellexecute for calling the default mail client...in web mode that's not what you want - how do facilitate composing/sending bulk mail to all clients within you database? Tips...suggestions..ideas, samples are welcome Regards Peter
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  16. mierlp

    Forgot  password

    Great component, i also use it for years within Delphi/uniGui...sending bulk mail in combination with the Mail Queue services
  17. Hi Retieving the data form the database (mysql) and show it on the uniCalendarPanel works. I use a form for entering new appointment of change the existing appointment. When i save it i got exception ...see attachment I use this code to save. LoadCalendarData is a procedure to load the data from table and assing to uniCalendarPanel - Is there a good example for loading and saving into database ? - what causes this execption ? Regards Peter
  18. mierlp

    uniCalendarPanel save appointment in database

    Hi Gerhard Thanks...that did the trick indeed. I did a google search but I think not good enough..anyway...now i can go on. Yes..this is a test case and i have couple of things to modify @55143681 Thanks for the examples, i'm going to see what i can use from the example. Thanks guys
  19. mierlp

    uniCalendarPanel save appointment in database

    Any suggestions / tips ?
  20. mierlp

    uniCalendarPanel save appointment in database

    Hi I use DevArt components and for this a TQuery. The sql statement is only: Select * from Appointment The structure is simple, see attachment. After the exception i check the database and the records is saved. But something cause the issue. There ar NO TQuery.Events defined
  21. Hi Is there a event or other way to have a onDblClick on a uniDBmemo. Within my application there's a several uniDBmemo fields. When the user double clicks with the left mouse button then a form with the large uniDBmemo field will appear. In normal vcl this event is available, but not in uniGui Regards Peter
  22. mierlp

    Multi tenant Application

    Hi I use (part of) this : https://www.getdonedone.com/building-the-optimal-user-database-model-for-your-application/ In one table i set some extra info like : - database name - database username - database password You create a login screen where the user can enter 3 things : - username - password - company ID Based on these 3 things he can login. The system search in the database for the companyID, knows which databaseNAME, databaseUSERNAME and databasePASSWORD is needed to login to the database. Regards Peter
  23. mierlp

    Fastreport Refresh

    dmReport = datamodule for reports i think
  24. mierlp

    Two Factor Authentication 2FA

    Hi I use a simple solution. My login screen has 3 fields : - username - password - security code From all my users i have a mobile Phone number. When the user logins in then : - i create a random number and save it in a database for this user - i send a tekst sms with this generated number to the users mobile Phone - the user enters this number in the field 'security code' - after entering the security code i check if security code = as stored number in database - if there is a match the login procedure is succesfull ps for sending sms i use bulksms.com, it's quite easy to send sms
  25. mierlp

    Font size buttons uniGui v.1.70

    Hi Maybe it's me, but since my update yesterday from v.1.5 to 1.7 the font size for buttons has become considerably larger. Text on a button doesn't fit anymore and have to enlarge buttons. When you place a image on a button then the font size shrinks. It can not be the intention that we continue to make cosmetic adjustments to applications during updates uniGui. This cost a lot of time and drawback of projects. Lot's of theme's have this issue, also the themes from GerhardV. Or i'm missing out something but i have no additional css code in project. Regards Peter