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  1. Hi Farshad, Is there any workaround of this limit? i2u4ever solution does't work for me
  2. Unfortunately not, it happens with no rules. I caught that in EurekaLog but for now cannot reproduce I'll let you know if isolate the problem.
  3. Hi, did someone maybe solved this problem? I've the same
  4. Hi, Maybe it will help someone someday: I used EurekaLog to make investigation and there was not problem of MyDAC but another 3rd part library EASendMail. Mentioned in message server means, as I understand, OLE Server not DB server. Another thing is that the library looks non thread safe and I'm still trying to solve the problem BR
  5. Nope. I'm using mydac 10.2.4 professional from the beginning and the problem persists whole the time.
  6. I'd tried with no success. There's no problem with the same mydac connection in other apps not using unigui. From the other side I'm not 100% sure that's mydac/unigui coexistance fault.
  7. I've Professional and use devart mydac too.
  8. Yes, but non-visual only. I'm using Devart MyDAC data aware components to connect MySQL data.
  9. Hi, Where try to find the problem: every once in a while I have message Object not connected to server. I'd tried to trap this error but with no effect. Maybe some suggestion what could it be or how to try eliminate this bug? Thanks in advance. Jack
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