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  1. I would also like to see an example
  2. Estou deixando o link do meu primeiro Video de um Mini ERP que estou desenvolvendo, o sistema é feito com Unigui e ACBR.
  3. Is it possible to change the hint according to the image? for example: columns [actionColIndx] .items [actionItemsIndx] .getClass = function (value, metadata, record) { if (record.data [dataColIndx] == 100) { return "x-fa fa-check" } if (record.data [dataColIndx] == 101) { return "x-fa fa-times" } if (record.data [dataColIndx] == 102) { return "x-fa fa-stop-circle" } == 100 Then Hint = 'Hint1' == 101 Then Hint = 'Hint2' == 102 Then Hint = 'Hint3'
  4. Is it possible to format the UniFormattedNumberEdit mask? for example, I need to set 10 decimal places, but only show when all are filled, the ideal mask would be: ###, ###, ## 0.00 ########## is it possible?
  5. Thanks again for your help, it worked
  6. Is it possible for UniPropertyGrid to only provide some properties for modification? I do not want the user to see certain properties.
  7. Here this works only when the form is fsMDIChild, and the only thing we do is: form.show;
  8. rtalmeida


    Header Bold and WordWrap?
  9. is it possible a hint of how to install and test on unigui?
  10. Very Good, Sherzod, very good, do you know everything about JS or do you have a mine map?
  11. I need the effect to occur also, not only when typed a value in the field, but also when it is fed into the form's onAfterShow, in the example I sent it places onAfterShow UniFormattedNumberEdit1.value: = 10;
  12. With the solution shown, it's working, but if I try to enter a negative number, it returns the error: '' - 'is not a valid floating point value'. I'll try to open the ticket, I never opened any.
  13. How do I change the font to bold when value is greater than zero, and remove the bold when the value is zero? this can not occur in onexit because the value can be changed by another routine. Example project attachment bold.zip
  14. rtalmeida


    Thank you, perfect!
  15. When I needed it, I was told to do so: UniFormAfterShow UniSession.AddJS('setTimeout(function(){'+UniEdit2.JSName +'.focus()}, 100)');
  16. rtalmeida


    How to configure UniDbGrid in this situation for it to work? does not appear the scroll bar, and if I configure for true weboptions-> Paged, it also does not work right. Attached project Clientside Alignment - Layout Border.zip
  17. rtalmeida


    Thank you, it worked like I needed it.
  18. rtalmeida


    Using enable works, but it is not ideal for what I need, this is a query module, and the user needs to see what is or is not selected. To open a call on the support , what are the steps to this?
  19. rtalmeida


    Hello, how can I make UniTreeView read-only? I did: UniTreeView1.ReadOnly: = Operation = 9; but it returns me the attached error.
  20. rtalmeida


    Does the solution work for a date and for multiple dates?
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