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  1. How I can change the border style unimdbgrid: border-style I tried the forum examples using css: .x-grid-column and .x-grid-row and .x-grid-item still no solution is it possible to do it simply by: function beforeInit (sender, config) { config.itemConfig = { border: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx }; } Unigui uni- version
  2. think s I want to add an event to the button when clicking in a long process like screenmask second method: use css and js spinner bootstrap Loading Buttons. example: css how can i integrate the code in new Ext.XTemplate. Uni- version
  3. not work showmask when click button erreur. how can i use spinner bootstrap ' looding' onclick button
  4. i not found file progressbarexample.zip  can you send it to please




  5. http://3msoft.net/mhmd/unimlistview.rar

    can you share this file because the link not work

  6. When the application runs independently it works normally and there is no error even when it is closed. However when opened by HyperServer the process runs smoothly, but when logging out by HyperServer the application generates APPCRASH error Unigui Professional version what' s probleme?
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