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  1. Hi! Good work and great sample!!
  2. Thank you mohammad I try this solution
  3. Hello All, How can I set tabposition in Pagecontrol component. I found this lines in javascript code: OE3 = new Ext.Panel({ id: "OE3_id", layout: "anchor", baseCls: "", width: 495, height: 213, x: 224, y: 122 }); OE3.nm = "OE3"; _cdo_("GPWebPageControl1", OE3, null, MainForm); OF2 = new Ext.TabPanel({ plain: true, anchor: "100% 100%", enableTabScroll: true, deferredRender: false, layout: "absolute", id: "OF2_id", activeTab: 0 }); OF2.nm = "OF2"; OF2.on("tabchange", function(P0, P1) { return Ext.Ajax.request({ url: "/HandleEvent", params: "Ajax=1&IsEvent=1&Obj=OF2&Evt=tabchange&This=" + P0.nm + "&Tab=" + P1.nm + "" + _gv_(O10), success: AjaxSuccess, failure: AjaxFailure, obj: OF2, How can I insert "tabPosition: 'left'," this codeline into Ext.TabPanel definition section. Thank you for any help or answer! Mortymer
  4. Solution #1 Please upload into Topic :D :D :D :D
  5. Hello all, I create form customizing component and form. This customizer calling from any Uniform. Question: How can I modified form and component properties in runtime? How can I send forced modified form to client? I don't want destroy and recreate current form in runtime. This is not good solution Thanks for any help! Mortymer
  6. Why not use Virtual OS for development environment? I'm using Virtualbox latest version and Windows 7 quest OS Absolute portable and work fine
  7. Set label caption with html code <a href="url">Link text</a>
  8. What is price if I bought Sencha ExtJS license? I have valid Sencha license, because using this component in my application. I don't want to pay twice for it.
  9. I wish you all a Merry Christmas from Hungary!
  10. Use this for filename generation: formatdatetime('yyyymmddhhnnzzz', now) + '.pdf' this is absolute unique Mortymer
  11. Hello everyone, I modified two component. The TUniEdit and TUniCombobox components i added AutoLabel property. This components auto. created label control. I have one small problem. If i put this component into Form components working perfectly, but i use Frame the TUniLabel component not Visible. Why?? Thanks for any Help! UniAdvControls_0.1.zip
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