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I am planning a project using the calendar control. I could not find any information on how to resize the calendar

when the user resizes the web browser. Any help would be appreciated.



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1. UniServerModule -> CustomCSS:

.mycalendar .x-monthpicker {
  height: auto !important; 
  width: auto !important;

2. UniCalendar -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> function container.afterrender:

function container.afterrender(sender, eOpts)

3. UniCalendar -> ClientEvents -> UniEvents -> function picker.beforeInit:

function picker.beforeInit(sender, config)
    config.width= "100%"

4. UniCalendar -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> function picker.resize:

function picker.resize(sender, width, height, oldWidth, oldHeight, eOpts)
    var container=sender.ownerCt;
    var headerHeight=Ext.get(container.el.select('.x-datepicker-header').elements[0]).getHeight();
    var footerHeight=Ext.get(container.el.select('.x-datepicker-footer').elements[0]).getHeight();
    var tableHeight=container.el.getHeight()-headerHeight-footerHeight;
    container.el.select('table td .x-datepicker-date').elements.forEach(function(c){c.style.height="100%"});

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