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unicalendar panel


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I'll try to do what I'm looking for in other way, using calendarpanel instead of calendar (as in a prior topic).


Changing unicalendar to unicalendar panel I think it could be more easy for me.


But I have the same questions:


- How can I highlight a day in a calendar panel where exists events?


- How can hide the elements red-boxed in the attached image? (this is not important at all) (are the days of the prior and next month)


- How can I get better the aspect ob the elements black-boxed attached image?








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I've found this, for the 3rd questions in my first entry of this topic.


function beforeInit(sender, config)
  config.monthViewCfg = {
    showHeader: true,


but with this, the first day of week is allways sunday. I've the firstdayofweek property of the calendar set to monday, but with this piece of code, allways is set to sunday.


I don't know why.

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ok. works.


to have what I need, "only" need this:


- highlight a day in a calendar panel where exists events?


- When click in an event, a popup windows appears, showing event info. Can I deactivate this behaviour? Could be better for me, in an event click, do the same as in dayclick



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I don't want a popup message window when click in an event. I'd like eventclick do nothing or do the same effect that dayclick.


Maybe you wanted like this ?!:

procedure TMainForm.UniCalendarPanel1EventClick(Sender: TUniCalendarPanel;
  AEventId: Integer; AEvent: TUniCalendarEvent);
  {if not EventEditForm.Visible then
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Not exactly.


As I can see, my "problems" are due to the size of the calendar panel. If the size of the panel is height and width enouh, the events appears colored and don¡t show window on event click (you can see in attached image).


Has any solution?


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