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[Touch-DBGrid] How to change header & row height from Custom CSS


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Hi all,
I can't modify these properties with CustomCSS. I tried with several examples but it doesn't work !
Only solution for the moment is implement an client event but I don't know the property to set for the Header/Column height:
function beforeInit(sender, config)
  config.itemHeight = 35; 
PS: A CSS code is much appreciate to avoid to define this event for each dbgrid on my app :)
Thank you for your help.


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Thank you for your answer. The CSS code works fine only for the column height.

It remains a problème with this HTML tag :


<div class="x-container x-grid-header-container x-dock-item x-docked-top x-sized" id="ext-headercontainer-1" style="height: 65px !important;">


I tried to add this css code but it doesn't work  :wacko: .


.x-container .x-grid-header-container .x-dock-item . x-docked-top .x-sized{
    height: 30px !important;
Do you have any idea to modify the height for these classes (.x-container .x-grid-header-container)?
Best regards,
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