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  1. Hi all, Did you have already to setup un reverse proxy with an UniGUI application ? I try this setup but I receive always this message from uniGui App : Loading... The current configuration is : server { listen 80; server_name; location /portal/ { proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr; #proxy_set_header Host; proxy_pass; #proxy_ssl_server_name on; } This returned message tell me that it's Unigui App returns this. So, the redirection seems work fine. But, why i hav
  2. Hi all, Is it possible to synchronously call a similar function "ajaxRequest" ? For example, if a TuniForm has a few TUniEdit, I would like that when enter(focus) in second (event), the client call the server method via ajaxRequest() and the client stays waiting as long as the call of ajaxRequest is not terminated. In this case f.e., impossible to press tab to focus in next TUniEdit. Do you think that possible ? Thank you
  3. Hi it works !!! I have found also other solution with that : UniDBGrid.ClientEvents.UniEvents: function store.afterCreate(sender) { sender.getSorters().add(new Ext.util.Sorter({property: "0", direction: "ASC"})); sender.sortOnLoad = true; } But your code is more pretty. Thank you,
  4. Hi all, I have looking for a long time a solution to define a default column sort but nothing. Currently, when I activate the sort in a UniDBGrid, none column s sorted when the Dataset opens (no icon - arrow - in title). I must click on columns header to see this sort icon. How can I to show this icon on the first column directly at first data load ? At initialisation => no sort When I click on title PS: I have found this solution but I must call this code after all clients objects / data are rendered. This solution is not good. DBGrid reloads the data and tr
  5. Could you please check with this testcase : - Click the first record - Push Bottom arrow key while 15 sec. - Release the key => You should see the component UniDBEdit refresh himself while somes seconds Do you have this effect ?
  6. Sorry, we use the components Woll2Woll. I attached the new demo with simple DataSource Regards, Demo.zip
  7. Please find a simple example in attachment. I use a ClientDataset. The ClientDataSet contains really more 190 columns but I show only 5 persistents fields. More there visibles fields, more there lags... ExtJS native is more fluid with big DBGridList, why uniGUI is more slowly ? http://examples.sencha.com/extjs/5.1.0/examples/kitchensink/#big-data-grid Best regards, demo_basic_ClientDataSet.zip
  8. Hello, I'm trying to create a sample App with a DBGrid linked to DataSource1 linked to Query and UniDBEdit linked to the same DataSource1. After running the application, when I scroll in DBGrid, UniDBEdit is refreshed with a significant lag compared to DBGrid (see video). How can I optimize this behavior and make it more fluid? Best regards, 2018-06-12 at 09-57-27.zip
  9. Thank you for your help. Your example works, but it stretches the background and the effect is not good. I think I can inspire on this example
  10. My resolution screen is 2560 x 1440 but the problem appears when a browser window is not in full screen. When you resize the window, you should see the problem with Firefox. I attach a video demo(To the left is Opera / Right is Firefox) 2017-04-21 at 14-28-34.zip
  11. I put in attachment a new project with this example.... LoginBackground.zip
  12. Hi all, I can't to resolve the following problem. I set a login background in my application et the rendering in Firefox is not good. I attach a print screen which compares the rendering between Opera & Firefox. Chrome & Edge work like Opera. The background size is not same in Firefox. It seems repeat himself... Do you have an idea to solve this problem ? Best regards
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