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elements in run time


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I do what I put in the code below, but can't get the expected.


I have a tabcontrol, and dinamically, I create a tabsheet inside that tabcontrol, a frame inside the tabsheet, a panel inside the freme, ans finally, I want to show the form inside the panel  I'm not sure that I need the panel, but is not the problem. I've tested whithout the panel, and the result is the same.


Everything is ok, but form is never inside the panel.


I need some help, please.



// Create TabSheet
xtab := TUniTabSheet.Create(Self);
xtab.PageControl := xpages;
xtab.Closable := True;
xtab.Tag := 'aaaaaaaaa';
xtab.name := 'tab1';
xtab.Caption := 'tab1';
xtab.align := alclient;
xtab.layout := 'fit';

// Create Frame
xframe := TUniFrame.Create(self);
xframe.Parent := xtab;
xframe.Align := alclient;
xframe.layout := 'absolute';

// Create Panel
xpanel := TUniPanel.Create(self);
xpanel.parent := xframe;
xpanel.align := alclient;
xpanel.layout := 'fit';

// Mostrar el form dentro del panel del tabsheet
xform.Parent := xpanel;
xform.align := alclient;
xform.layout := 'fit';



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I think, that I neither need the frame.


I think the problem is assign the parent of the form in run time, becasuse the form is already created, and if I maximize the form, is not maximized in the tabsheet, it is maximized in the mainform.


Some help please.

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sorry. I posted this in the wrong topic.


I put it here.


I'm trying to simulate the mainform in the all features demos, but without having a frame for every form.


Create the frame in run time and assignn a form to that frame, but I can't find the way to do this.

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