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Absolute Database?


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I have add a Absolute database connection to main module.

So my software has to do follow: every time a user login the connection string will connect to his database


User 1: Database C://Test/user1.abs

User 2: Database C://Test/user2.abs


So i have a main database that control users credentials and their connection stings.

On login the database name are depend of his login.


When i deploy the app and i try to login as differnet users the database connection is always the same.

I'm trying to login as user1 in browser1 and user2 in browser 2, and the data are the same.....(same databsase)

Am i doing something wrong?



Thanks in advance

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  • 3 weeks later...

my application after the login change the name of database (unimainmodule.abdsdatabase.databasefilename := nomeuser + '.abs') .


but the application not read the database : error -->    database xxxxx not exist


Idea is for every user the db


with vcl or fmx run 



Is impossible change the name of database at runtime.



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