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One connection with DB or many?


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I use firedac but for my question it doesn't matter.


What is better?


To use 1 connection with DB or Many?


1 connection is like

 In mainUnit I create FDConnection:TFDConnection and everywhere in other modules I will use link to that


Many Connections means

 For Every procedure of every module I will Create Connection like

   procedure MyProcInSomeModule;
   var FDConnectionLocal:TFDConnection;
   //Do something;


Sometimes in MYSQL i meet "Too many connections" that's why I ask.


What is your experience. What is normal practice???


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Thank you, Zilav. 

multiple connections with pooling ? How much multuple? One for the unit, one for the procedure,function, one for the program?))

About pooling - yes - very useful information - i've read it monthes ago but have forgotten for the moment.


Now - i'm rewriting app to have one connection for the thread. One Connection for the main thread and others for each thread created in program. As I understand docs - it is correct;

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