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Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP)


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Hello brothers,


The new trend in Algeria with young developpers is LAMP.

Everybody talk about.

They are saying, with insurance : "1000 users ! No problem :)".


So why "old" developers like us are taking care about technology, SERVER ressources, stress tools, and so on...


Is LAMP really so strong ?

What gives them this great insurance ?


Can somebody explain this ?


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It is not strong, superior, bad or whatever. Just another combination of time proven software for web which is currently being replaced by other modern technologies like NoSQL databases, NodeJS. etc which can excel at different tasks where LAMP is not the right choice. The same as UniGUI being better at single page web applications.

It is very popular though in web hosting and web development with a lot of complete solutions for majority of typical tasks you want from a web site. My own web development experience started back in early 2000's with LAMP.

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