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how prevent multiple start of a UNIGUI-Exe?


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Having another app that gets a list of running processes and takes your target exe as a parameter is one easy way to achieve this.

The attached code and compiled exe do just that.


the useage is 'launcher ExeToAttemptStart ParametersToExe'




  launcher c:\myprojects\app1\myapp.exe "some list of parameters that are optional"


The included batch file 'runit.bat' tries to start notepad and open abc.txt - it will only open notepad if it's not already running.


The app uses shellexecute to start the target and makes no attempt to hide the parent process so there is potential to tidy it up!

Running launcher without any parameters simply opens the mainform with the option to view all running processes.

You can modify/ extend the function isrunning to include specific users and or paths rather than just the exe name. 


I found the original code here


some years ago and have used it for a while without issue.


May be of some help?






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