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Persian Or Arabic Style Numbers


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Hi Forum!

How to set UniGUI Controls to Showing Numbers in Persian Or Arabic Style

Not in English Format in the Browser?

there are jquery and javascript ways for Config Html to show Arabic Style Numbers  But I dont know How it is in UniGUI
Thanks and Regards

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For JQuery solution click here


or use this code


var arabicNumbers = ['۰', '١', '٢', '٣', '٤', '٥', '٦', '٧', '٨', '٩'];
$('.translate').text(function(i, v) {
var chars = v.split('');
for (var i = 0; i < chars.length; i++) {
if (/\d/.test(chars[i])) {
chars[i] = arabicNumbers[chars[i]];
return chars.join('');


best regards

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Hi Dear Delphi Developer!

in web browsers in RTL mode I cant set UniGUI to show Persian Style Number and it shows every time in english digits

I want to set UniGUI to show Numbers in Persian CodePage in all Uni Componenrs Such as DBGrids...

in javascript and jquery it is possible to do as shown in majori reply 

 for example = ['۰', '١', '٢', '٣', '٤', '٥', '٦', '٧', '٨', '٩'];

Regard and Have Fun

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Hi Dears ,

I am trying to show Arabic style number in the browser in the undbgrid, it is showing as english , can you share? , it is not clear to me , where to use the code supplied here and in which event to place it. 


Thanks in advance.


I am newbei trying the product

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