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Upgrade & Renewal

Farshad Mohajeri

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Dear Developers,


Renewal/Upgrade options are available in our web portal.


In general renewal price is ~60% of the new license price. It must be calculated using new price excluding any discount or special offer that may have been applied during buying new license.


For uniGUI Plus - Pro there is no direct renewal path, but there are two indirect paths for renewal:

  1. Renewal and upgrade to uniGUI Complete - Pro edition.
  2. Renewal and downgrade to uniGUI - Pro edition. ( In case you don't need Mobile functionality )


As always there are volume discount for new/upgrade/renewal licenses which is calculated as below:


2-4 units 5% discount

5-9 units 10% discount
10-14 units 15% discount
15-19 units 20% discount
20+ units 25% discount


Note: While ordering upgrade/renewal you must enter a quantity less or equal to number licenses of the product you want to upgrade or renew.

If you enter a value less than the original quantity then only those amount of licenses will be renewed. Remaining licenses will remain in original product and can be renewed later.


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7 minutes ago, Haklin0816 said:

So how do I renew?

Cannot find that option anywhere! Also tried e-mailing support@fmsoft.net but no answer...


You can simply renew your current subscription by going to customer portal and choosing Add a Product Option for your product:


(How did you do it last year). Thank you.

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