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UniTreeView only 16x16 icons

Skepsis IT

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Of course I'll explain.

The folder that css files exists is C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\ext-\resources

there you should see a list of folders, now according the template that you use, select the correct folder, then you should edit the css file, search for .x-tree-icon and the it is straighforward what you change (width and height to the correct pixel size).

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hello !

I found the same problem in my previous post  http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/5272-images-16x16-are-clipped-in-unitreeview/

I am not expert about web and html; could you explain me what modify (css?) and where ?


many thanks




Also you can without changing the files css, try adding this code:

procedure TMainForm.UniFormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  // for example, for 32x32  
  UniSession.AddJS('Ext.util.CSS.createStyleSheet(".x-tree-icon { height: 36px; width: 32px; }")')

It certainly is not a complete solution, still need to analyze the 


Try, Best regards.

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