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Bad Customer : How to Kill his VPS db connexion ?


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Hi friends,

- Assume we have 10 customers on 10 Folders on a VPS.

- Each Customer has his own database :  




- Assume Customer 2 don't want to paye his annual subscription !
So, Is there a tip to disconnect only Base2.fdb from the VPS Server ?
(The others db must be run.  I am using FireBird)
PS :  assume Base2.fdb  is always connected 24h/24 from the customer2. So renaming the file Base2.fdb is not a good way.
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Hi Majori,


Oh...a good idea !


1. > ...you can close(Block) his port

How can I give a special port for each customer ?  FireBird has only one port ?!


2. >... to stop and start Customer2 service 

How can I do this ?


Thank you very much...

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Why don't you create a "master" database that makes the login ?

You store there customer information, payd fees, connection parameters etc in it.

If he pays you send him to  /customer_n.fdb, if he does not pay , at login you send him fishing !

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