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ISAPI modulo problem. DLL doesn't work


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Hi guys, 
My project works perfectly on debug EXE, no matter if  is in my machine or in the server, it works. 
But the DLL stoped working. I remember that it was ok before I install the devExpress components in delphi, in fact, the DLL size increased a lot (8mb) after that.
I haven't change the settings of the project source file (.dpr), so I have no clue of what is causing this.
When I run the DLL, the browser just keeps loading - doesn't show any message, neither download any file.
I hope you guys could help me, please.
Thanks in advance!  


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Well, thanks to Farshad Mohajeri, I found it. 

In my project , we share some units between projects, and one of these projects is a deskop application, using DevExpress visual components. That is it. Those components were messing up my release DLL. 


Thank you ! 


Thanks for update.

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