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  1. Well, thanks to Farshad Mohajeri, I found it. In my project , we share some units between projects, and one of these projects is a deskop application, using DevExpress visual components. That is it. Those components were messing up my release DLL. Thank you !
  2. Yes I have... I tested using a fresh new application. No success
  3. But IIS and the application are both configured to prot 6001, you see
  4. In fact, there is no log file. The application doesn't start at all... checkout this screenshot:
  5. Yeah, I've already installed. The DLL is on server. For testing, I compile and execute the .EXE. Just to inform, there is an testing server, and the release server. Both of them aren't working. thanks
  6. Excuse-me, I wrote it wrong: Which runtime package, please? Because it used to work perfectly. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, My project works perfectly on debug EXE, no matter if is in my machine or in the server, it works. But the DLL stoped working. I remember that it was ok before I install the devExpress components in delphi, in fact, the DLL size increased a lot (8mb) after that. I haven't change the settings of the project source file (.dpr), so I have no clue of what is causing this. When I run the DLL, the browser just keeps loading - doesn't show any message, neither download any file. I hope you guys could help me, please. Thanks in advance!
  8. Greetings, I'm getting trouble to include a font in the server. It works from a external server, but doesn't if I include the file from my own server. It's an HTTP Status 401 - Unauthorized. Is this related to unigui? How can I solve this? Thanks in advance
  9. There was some properties that do not work in the new version. I removed them and all is working fine now. Thank you!
  10. extroot -> ArqApp\ext-\ uniroot -> ArqApp\uni-\
  11. dev pc. I didn't put it in the server yet. Thank you
  12. Greetings, I have updated unigui's version , and now some bugs came up. First: The "onclick" events are not triggering. Don't execute the event, don't stop in debug's breakpoint... What would be this? Can you guys help me please? And there's a message on the start of application, that says "ShowBrowserWarning is not defined". Thanks in advance.
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