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Guide To Deployment

Farshad Mohajeri

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i deploy canvas sample to my host

on my host setup maduol ISAPI

on run canvas.dll show loading... and not run app

I copied the files the program but says the files in C: \ uni Copy

But I have to drive C: \ is not accessible server .msyvl also says server security is not what I do comes down؟


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I have problems in distributing the version.

I installed FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_runtime_0.99.95.1309.exe that is what I am using the version.


That by using ves intalou in the path: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ FMSoft \ Framework \ uniGUI \






My servermodule is configured in the default directory that the manual quotes, ie:

extroot = [ext] \

uniroot = [uni] \

unimobileroot = [uNIM] \


However the server log this reporting that he is looking for the files in another location


wgenesis.dll: 000011EC: 13:59:37 [HandleFileRequest []]: File not found: C: \ uni \ css \ uni-ext.css

wgenesis.dll: 000011EC: 13:59:37 [HandleFileRequest []]: File not found: C: \ ext- \ resources \ css \ ext-all.css



I need help




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