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Has any one used EurekaLog or Madshi with UniGui?

Mohammed Nasman

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We have a deployed UniGui applications which run as windows services on the client's server.


It working for few days then stopped randomly, the log file show some access violations that we couldn't track.


I have tried to use EurekaLog and Madshi but without any successful, even the simple exceptions can't be catch and tracked by them.


EurekaLog has options for Windows Service and Win CGI, but they has no effect with UniGui.


Have any one successfully using of them?



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Thanks Farshad for the quick reply.


I have enabled the multi-thread options but still couldn't get the report.


The UniGui applications is subset of larger VCL desktop application that we convert some parts to web, the UniGui contain only mydac components, beside reguarl UniGui compoennts such as (buttons,edits, grids,groupboxes panels and listboxes)

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