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HowTo : Form.BorderStyle=None AND no resize


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I would like to have borderless forms. So i set BorderStyle=None

BUT it's still possible to resize the form.


I have looked at other solutions on the form but none of them

can give me a borderless form without resize possibiliy.


Tips..suggestions ? 

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Hi mierlp.

While, try:


1. Form.BorderStyle -> bsNone;


2. To prevent resizing the form, you can use this code:


(MainForm - > ClientEvents -> UniEvents -> beforeInit)

function window.beforeInit(sender, config)
  sender.resizable = false;

[3.] And it is to remove a border: http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/topic/3992-hideremove-the-form-border/&do=findComment&comment=19269


Best regards.

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Hi Delphi Developer,


Thanks for the suggestion...this works BUT the second option about

remove border works partial,


See attachment and de left and bottom side are still visible.
Suggestion what causes this?






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