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Links in TUniDBGrid group header


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I need a group header which is a domain name to be a link (or have a glyph with a link next to it), but grouping unigrid by a field containing link doesn't work because grouping field value is used in ID of div element and screws the whole grid.

Another method after checking extjs docs is changing view.features[0].groupHeaderTpl.html template, but I can't figure out what exactly and in what client event to put. Can anyone please help with it?

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Hi zilav.


Maybe you'd like this?


UniDBGrid1 -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> ...

function beforerender(sender, eOpts)
  sender.view.features[0].groupHeaderTpl = "<a href='http://{name}' target='_blank'>{columnName}: {name}</a>"

Best regards.

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