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I need help in How to load PDF file in UniURLFrame1.URL


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Hi, People, Need help  as soon as possible,  in how Could I load a pdf file in a UrlFrame because I was trying  like  these    " UniURLFrame1.URL :=  myAddress+'Namdd.pdf'"  but It doesn't work .


If I  can do it in a  UrlFrame I can resolve my problem with ReportBuilder Using RichText



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I'm doing like you say


look what I'm Doing 

  CacheFileName := UniServerModule.LocalCachePath + FormatDateTime('hhmmsszzz',
    NOW) + 'Reporte.pdf';

But It doen't work then  If I use like these Work Fine "UniSession.SendFile(CacheFileName);"

The application need to use  the preview in a frame or something like that 

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procedure Imprimir(ReporteSalida: TppReport);


  lPDFDevice: TppPDFDevice;

  CacheFileName,FName: string;



  // creat and configure the PDFDevice

  lPDFDevice := TppPDFDevice.Create(nil);

  FName  := FormatDateTime('hhmmsszzz', NOW) + 'Reporte.pdf';

  CacheFileName := UniServerModule.LocalCachePath+FName ;



    lPDFDevice.PDFSettings := ReporteSalida.PDFSettings;

    lPDFDevice.FileName := CacheFileName; // assign output stream

    lPDFDevice.Publisher := ReporteSalida.Publisher;


    // generate the report

    gs_ReporteDireccion := CacheFileName;


    gs_ReporteDireccion :=  CacheFileName;

HtmlFramePreview.URL := UniMainModule.gs_ReporteDireccion;

//    UniSession.SendFile(CacheFileName);




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