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Embed UniGUI applications in DLLs question

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I was wondering if it would be possible to embed UniGui forms in DLLs. My requirement is that I want to build multiple DLLs that has the forms embedded and only gets loaded when needed. This is a plugin system approach.


Your help and comments will be appreciated!




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Sorry, but this approach does not work properly with C++ Builder. I tried using packages and it didn't work here is a link to my question:



Please, Support me on this if I am doing anything wrong !!!



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I am still testing a trial version and I still can't decide whether to make my bank buy this framework or not.

They want me to create a report automation server that looks like desktop applications but each report will have its own form and must be inside a plugin (dll or bpl).


But it seems I won't as this framework does't support modular applications with Dlls or BPLs. Which make this framework useless for me.


So now, please confirm with an example that a form or frame can be used within a dll or a bpl using C++ Builder not just Delphi.

Whether using "linking with run-time packages" or not.


Thanks in advance.

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If your need, and you have independent reports in independent files, they have these reports in xml files, and are being read dynamically by your application.


I've developed a solution based on the report builder, which allows a custom forms creation made of your web application. And you can only publish content in your existing application, this form can be made to a separate team only to create cable, and the data is not applied in its development.


Watch this video, you may be able to understand what I'm saying.


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