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problem with "timed out" objects


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i have a lot of components with Events .. and in some situations - i get an error (object timed out ...)


as example ...


a uniPanel has events: 

  • OnClick - to load a other uniFrame
  • OnMouseEnter - to change the color and refresh some labels
  • OnMouseLeave - to change the color and set infolabel.visible:=false;


if i click the panel, i free the current frame and load a other ...

but then onMouseLeave-Event tryes to change the color of the uniPanel ... and here is my problem... !


i try to find a solution like:

if user clicks on uniPanel - then first clear all events of this panel and then do the procedure ..


but my test with:


does not solve the problem .. the "nil" has no effect .. 


has anybody a idea - that i can do ?







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thanx Farshad for the hint ...


is there a way to secure this problem with javascript ?


.. something like:

  • if component is clicked - then disable the component on clientside immediately .. so the second click (when user makes falsely a doubleklick) will not have effect .. a mouseOut will not generate ..

i would need it for uniPanels and uniImages ..  something like:    onKlick -> first disable the component -> and make the onClick procedure ..



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hello users,

if someone was the same problems (because of wrong software concept..) - there is a cool function:


Servermodule / Objectinspector / Properies / SuppressErrors .. errObjectNotFound = true


solves the problem for me :-)




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