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Problems with opening forms from TUniMainMenu


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1-Windows 7 Professional, Delphi XE, uniGui 0.93




I've been facing some problems trying to show forms using TUniMainMenu.

Sometimes when I click the TUniMainMenu Item, they simply don't show the form.

But when I edit some random line in the unit and recompile, the form shows normally. However, sometimes it doesn't work.

What it would be?

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How would i do a report a bug?
How would I do a test case for opening a form?
There is no error displayed, no bug, simply does not open the form.

I open the form in this way:

procedure TMainForm.itmComissoesClick(Sender: TObject); //Click an option of TUniMainMenu
  //Opening Form


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Don't know why but we have found that a simple Sleep(500) at the beginning on each menu item's onclick event, makes TUniMainMenu work as expected. In our case, problems were showing message dialogs within menu itme's onclick event... Those problems we only have them with Internet Explorer.

Please, try.


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Problem solved.

I haven't noticed that some items of the menu were with the property Action set, but the Actions didn't have the codes to open the form. The codes were in the click event.

It seems that Delphi prioritizes the Action property.



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