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UniDBGrid Prevent Navigation


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I want to prevent navigation in the grid only after a record has been edited.


In some situations on slow connections, a post in the grid can take a few seconds and I want to prevent the user from navigation the grid in that moment.


I activated WebOptions.LoadMask.

I activated WebOptions.knEnabled.


When the user saves the record with a enter key, per example, the grid take few seconds to show "please wait" (loadmask), post and hide the message. In the time before "please wait" is showed, the user can navigate the grid. Then, when the grid returns focus after save, the position moved by the user is lost.


The grid should not lose position or the grid should not allow navigation when saving. One or another.


If the user moves the cursor using the mouse, the grid should not lose position.


I tried using OnKeyDown and OnKeyPress ExtEvents and e.stopPropagation, e.stopEvent, e.cancel, e.preventDefautl, etc. and nothing works.


To simulate slow connections I use the program speedlimit on my mac. There are other programs for windows.


I need help.





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