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Delphi default data controls

Skepsis IT

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Hi everybody! Found nowhere in the internet and in the menu (options etc) how to change the default data controls at Delphi. I mean that if you drop a Table in MainModule and at fields to it and then drag-drop the fields into a uniform, in my case uses devexpress components. From where I can change this behavior?


Thanks a lot.


PS: Delphi version XE2

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Hi Skepsis,


what you mean?


We use ZEOS controls but i think you can use

also other data controls. in my example i use

a query component whith binding to tdatasource

from delphi.


Now i made in runtime a query like this:


select name,firstname,street from customer order by name desc


If the user click on title there the event OnColumnSort fires.


In this event now i close the query, set new sql string




if direction=true then

'select name,firstname.street from customer order by '+Column.FieldName+' asc' else

'select name,firstname.street from customer order by '+Column.FieldName+' desc';


then i open the query and have the result whit sorting and direction.

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Gerhard thanks for the reply, but I think you misunderstood the question. All that I've described above is at the design, when I drag and drop the fields from the table on a form, delphi automatically produces the components on the form e.g. a tlabel and a tdbedit control for string fields. The question is how can I change this behavion and not create tlabel and tdbxxxx but Tunidb components?

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