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Sensible Choice

Harry Rogers

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Having evaluated various options for porting our existing app to a web interface UniGui stands out as the obvious choice for us. With that in mind we plan to release the commercial version as soon as possible.

'Only' 2 things stand in our way.

1. Availability of a commercial UniGUi License. 

2. Developing our application !


Farshad will doubtless have that sorted by the time we are ready - which is where one of you reading this may come in. We are looking for someone with good Delphi experience and a clear understanding of UniGui as it currently stands. You will also need some understanding of accounting  procedures, and familiarity with a broadly retail type environment would be useful.  The position would be paid on a results basis - e.g. an agreed sum for delivery of a functioning module to our spec (The data base structures and functionality already exist in our current app).  Use the forum message to get in touch if you feel you have the skills and are interested.


We are based in the UK but anyone from any location is more than welcome to get in touch - if we can exchange ideas and concepts successfully English not being your first language need not be an issue.



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Hi, I'm Interest in, because I work in my Country Developing Accounting System, Inventory and Invoice System in Delphi .


Now We are Using Intraweb for Delphi and  I We had Successfully made tests with UniGui and It work great. We are sure that we are going to move all our application to UnigGui 




My Name es Ronny Encarnacion And my phone is 786-315-9265



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Hi .. please consider my profile as exposed in my CV in 




Also .. check out thi simple library application on the web




Both made, some time ago entirely in Delphi + UniGUI




PD: Application's language is spanish .. sorry, I really had no time to make them multi-language, but still I beleive they are valid samples.



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