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  1. Hi everybody .. Apologyze if this topic has been discussed before .. but I didn' find it in the forum. The question is: How I enable/disable specific columns editing in TUniDbGrid (ie: I want the user can only edit columns 3 and 5, for example but NOT columns 1, 2 and 4) Thanks everybody ! Rober
  2. Erich .. I cannot resist being curious, 'how' did you make such beautiful interfce ? Thanks ! PD: By the way, 'my' - very classic - interface, in http://alasoft.com.ar/bibliotecas.dll (user:password = alasoft:demo)
  3. Maybe you'll like what you see in http://alasoft.com.ar/cv.dll and http://alasoft.com.ar/bibliotecas.dll (user:password > alasoft:demo) If so, please first contact me at robertoalaluf@gmail.com robertoalaluf@hotmail.com I have 'no' experience in JS .. so, please take that in account. Greetings Rober
  4. Estimado .. Use una biblioteca de tercer parte .. tan simple como eso. No recuerdo ahora cual .. pero estan dando vueltas por ahi en Internet :-) Saludos Rober
  5. Thanks a lot both of you ! .. I will try your samples assp. I'm in fault with some .. 'conceptual understanding' of those 'ajax + js events' .. it seems that not 'everything' is solved within Delphi in this wonderful framewor - I mean UniGUI, of course - Greetings Rober
  6. Pardon my ignorance .. :-) But if I create a TUniLabel at runtime over a TUniForm like this: TMyForm.OnCreate(Sender: TObject); var oMyLabel: TUniLabel; begin oMyLabel:=TUniLabel.Create(Self); with oMyLabel do begin Parent:=Self; Caption:='Hi World; Top:=10; Left:=10; AutoSize:=True; end; end; The control displasy fine .. but, while the Height property was setted .. that does not happen with the Width property, wich remains in 0 (zero) I need to 'calculate' somehow the width - in pixels - of that label created like the sample, in runtime, depending on the Caption property. Help !! :-) Thanks Rober
  7. Apparently solved .. It's a 'pure Delphi stuff' problem .. Anyway, thanks !
  8. I made a very simple package (test-case) .. with unit uPrueba; interface uses UniButton; type TPrueba = class(TUniButton) end; implementation end. And .. unit cRegistra; interface procedure Register; implementation uses Classes, uPrueba; procedure Register; begin RegisterComponents('AlaSoft Prueba',[TPrueba]); end; end. When then I tried to 'make' the project (compile it) .. In .. unit seCSSParser; interface uses SysUtils, Classes, Dialogs; Doesnt' find Dialogs, so I changed to Vcl.Dialogs and compiled the project. Then I tried to 'Install' and .. Cannot load package 'uIndy17'. It contains unit 'uIdResourcesStringsProtocols', wich is also contained in Package 'Prueba' Any idea, about what's going on here ?? Thanks !! Rober
  9. alasoft


    Saludos a todos ! Rober de Argentina.
  10. Hi .. please consider my profile as exposed in my CV in alasoft.com.ar/cv.dll Also .. check out thi simple library application on the web http://alasoft.com.ar/bibliotecas.dll Both made, some time ago entirely in Delphi + UniGUI Greetings PD: Application's language is spanish .. sorry, I really had no time to make them multi-language, but still I beleive they are valid samples. Rober
  11. Sorry .. I didn't get you question .. please explain again ! .. thanks ! By the way, if you 'click' the exclamation mark button (over the toolbar) then you could see same source sample of this application. Regards Rober
  12. I'm hosting in .. http://www.argentina-hosting.com.ar/ It's a very cheap place .. but stable and custom service is really fine. Besides, they host ISAPI's .. no problem at all Rober
  13. Please follow the samples provides by Farshad ... I'll will try to guive my own anyway. Rober
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