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  1. n3o

    Avoiding Session Refresh

    I will be using unigui after I've known for five years. and as my last answer, the problem is in the browser. so while i ask here i investigate it too.
  2. Hi, I'm using unigui with indy and want to send data through http post, but I got error "Connection Closed Gracefully", how to resolve that? here my code : function TUniMainModule.HttpRequestEx(AMethod: THTTPMethod; AUrl, ABody, ACustomHeader: string): TJSONValue; var _ret: string; _sl: TStringList; begin _sl := TStringList.Create; try _http.Request.CustomHeaders.FoldLines := False; if ACustomHeader <> '' then _http.Request.CustomHeaders.Text := Trim(ACustomHeader) else _http.Request.CustomHeaders.Add(Format('AUTH-TOKEN=%s',[TokenKey])); _sl.Text := ABody; _ret := _http.Post(AUrl,_sl); Result := TJSONUtils.StringToObject(_ret) finally FreeAndNil(_sl); end; end; Thank.
  3. n3o

    Avoiding Session Refresh

    arghhhh my browser in trouble, when I reinstall my browser cookies had working perfectly. thank!
  4. n3o

    Avoiding Session Refresh

    I'm using DXE7 and unigui v., yes..I had open demo login form, but when I pressed F5 on browser, cookies is reset too.
  5. n3o

    Avoiding Session Refresh

    Hi, How to avoiding session refresh when user press F5 or <ctrl> + r in the browser? I wanto to save user login information in MainModule but when i refresh browser, session cleared and must login again. Thank.
  6. n3o

    Sensible Choice

    hii..I'm interest in, now I'm working in one of bank company in Indonesia, I had develop my application with unigui, here i attach example application that i made.please review my blog http://programminglearning.wordpress.com
  7. n3o


    I vote for +300USD