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General question about the use of client printers


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I'm try to create a web application from our native Delphi Win32 applications. Our apps is mainly used on festival and whe

use 7 different therminal transfer printer and lot's of usb barcode scanners. For printing wristbands we use Fastreport.


When a guest comes to the guest/press counter he has a invitations which contains a barcode. A employee uses a usb barcode

scanner which is connected to the local usb port and scans the barcode and based on the barcode the record will be found.


At this point the must be printed a wristband, based on a fastreport. The system knows where to print a wristband because all

printers containing different colours wristbands and there will be printers created like Red, Yellow, Pink, Blue etc.


There are two ways we can provide printing:

1. One or more printers connected to the local usb port of a client pc

2. setup a print server (mostly done)



Web applications is a bit new to me and mainly the printing area. Based on the above situation is it possible to

directly print from a client pc on a printer. Printing within a Windows client application uses the local installed

printers. Web applications  are running on a webserver, and the client is using a browser(html) which doesn't

seems to now much about printing.



Regards Peter

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Hi Mierlp

    About Native print to local device,need develop ocx control for report,

    print to barcoder if use rs232 your use  microsoft mscomctl.ocx.

    register ocx in local pc like flash app,use Ie browse js connect ocx .

    it is hard work.


    ps: browser pdf reader is an ocx can use muti platform, server generate pdf -> local download it and open;

          report ocx like this.




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Write a system service that from time to time ( ex :5 sec ) selects from a table in a database.

When the service finds something to print , it selects the printer and does the printing;

From the web application you have to write in the database table what is the label

and to what printer it is supposed to go ( green , yellow whatever.)

You have to share the local printers to the server so the server knows where to find them.

That' s all.

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