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I am having trouble in uniGUI with some query results. For some reason if a my edit box contains numeric data I cannot get query results from a character field with numeric data, or results on a numeric field. I am using these statements to add to my SQL string.


QryReference.SQL.Add('Select * From Orders WHERE REF = ' + QuotedStr(UniEdit1.Text));




QryReference.SQL.Add('Select * From Orders WHERE REF like ' + QuotedStr(UniEdit1.Text));


If my data and UniEdit box contains the data 'ABC' for example I get results for ABC or any other test characters I try that are in the table


If my data and UniEdit box contains the numeric data  such as '123' for example I get NO results.


Is this a bug or am I missing something for numbers?


John P (Canada)


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I personally prefer the querys with parameters, have never given me my mistake and order code




    DM.TablaX.SQL.Add ('SELECT *');

    DM.TablaX.SQL.Add ('FROM mytabla');

    DM.TablaX.SQL.Add ('WHERE Cod LIKE: param1');

    DM.TablaX.Parameters.ParamByName ('param1'). Value: = '%' + trim (edit.Text) + '%';



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The use of the parameter example worked for me.  I could not get to parse when using the wild cards in the other example, and when I did it showed all records with use of both wild cards, which I must not be putting my string together just right.


Thanks for such great support and involvement of this board!


John P.

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Hi John


The example in my post  is works becaus because i use it a lot in my applications

It show all the records which contains the entered characters ...if you search

for the the works: Excel end when you enter : cel if finds all the records

with this combination. It's how you use the wildcards..


The example is based on MySql so it's possible there can be a other

behavoir if u use a other database.


Regards Peter

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