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How to get unidbgrid value of a cell ?


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Thank you!

If I would like to set a unipanel hidden or displayed in clientevent by the value of unidbgrid cell
How to do it?


As you said and I think as bellow:


for ajax event get clicked cell

if UniDBGrid1.Columns[strToInt(Params.Values['colindex'])-1].Field.AsString>0 then







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What I mean is:

1.A unidbgrid and a unipanel in Frame inside.Several buttons the unipanel.
2.According to the value in the unidbgrid set unipanel to be displayed or hidden, and at the same time we need to decide those buttons in the unipanel to be visibled or hidden.

3.Can be used the Extjs ClientEvents achieved then I do not have access to the server.This can improve efficiency

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