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  1. Delphi Developer It worked very well. Thank you!
  2. If I can't change the font size, how to change the line spacing ?Thank you!
  3. How to change the line spacing of Tunimemo&TUniDBMemo? Thanks!
  4. Hello Delphi Developer: Something is wrong in ProgressBarPager.js When initialized, if the number of records per page is 20, then adjusted to 10, click on the toolbar the number of pages is wrong. Here is the code ------------------------------------------------------------- // private // This method handles the click for the progress bar handleProgressBarClick : function(e){ var parent = this.parent, displayItem = parent.displayItem, box = this.progressBar.getBox(), xy = e.getXY(), position = xy[0]- b
  5. Could you convert the MainForm to a Frame? Thank you!
  6. How to change the font size of text ? For example displays Chinese font need large fonts.
  7. We are using unigui0.94 1024 version. How to change the font size pagecontrol's tab? In our project,We need to change the font unipagecontrol's tab to 9, but can not be achieved by modifying the tab of the font. The result in ie10 browser, the font size of tab set to 9. The result in the chrome browser What we need is this result, the font size of tab set to 9.
  8. If use this method in loginform it does not work . I use unigui 0.941024
  9. The OnScreenResize event of LoginForm can not be fired in LoginForm.rar
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