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Hello! is possible to load UniServerModule parameters like: port, title... from a file?


Like all the properties of all Delphi components.

I use something like this


procedure TUniServerModule.FirstInit;


file_ini: tinifile;




file_ini := tinifile.create(UniServerModule.filesfolderpath + 'go.cfg');


port := file_ini.readinteger('goweb', 'porta_go_web', 8077);

extroot := file_ini.readstring('goweb', 'cartella_extjs', '[ext]\');





I can't change the standard value if I use the standalone server.

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Thanks, but is possible to list files in a specific folder using mask like 'some*.txt', TFilelistbox doesn't work!

Use FindFirst, FindNext and FindClose commands for this. Please take a look to the URL (there is a simple example of usage of these commands). To store filenames, use a simple TStringList.


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