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Async to Sync


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As a classic old-fashion programmer , I learnt to develop with the procedural approach in mind.

I try to adapt into the web - asynchronous model , and in most cases I don't have any problem.


But , there are times that I want to block the program flow until some javascript function return a value.

Is there any possibility to achieve that?

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I really do have a problem with that.

I have already used any method I know off without any success.


Could you please give me a hand?


All I want is to execute a javascript snippet on the server

and wait (block the program flow) until the response comes.

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Hi, Farshad.

Thank you for your reply.


OK , I (fully) understand that position.

I know , I must change my WIN32 programming style and start thinking as a web developer.


In the following post:


you wrote that you can add a mode which UI is blocked after each Ajax request.

Do we have any luck to see it in the near future??


If your events are synchronous the only way is to block UI until each event is fully processed. There is no other way. There is no way for framework to handle this situation internally. Of course, we can add a mode which UI is blocked after each Ajax request. This will reduce UI experience quality but you need it if your app is designed and works synchronously. If one event can't be executed more than once you need to protect it using client side UI masking techniques....

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