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Release of Version 1.0 and Future


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I think this is an incredible product! Delphi is very productive and I've never found anything similar for the web. UniGUI is the product I always searched for. But right now it's risky to create a comercial application based on it.


Is there any roadmap available?


When do you plan to release the first non-beta version?



Thank you!



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Me too. I've used Delphi since V1.0. I appreciate that development of UniGui must be very complex and time consuming but we, as developers, need tools to create commercial software for us to survive - we've been waiting for months and still version only at .87.


I'm not complaining - just stating that we need a roadmap so we can understand how long it will take before we can develop commercially.

We've had to do 2 small projects in JS and ext-js already as Unigui development is not commercially possible.


UniGui looks really great and I really hope it will be available soon...



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Hi Farshad,


At this stage, I think you should start a PRE-RELEASE SALE system with (lets say) %50 discounted regular price.


I think you dont need to wait for this (before exJs 4.x etc.). Because your product is good enough. Lots of people ready to use UniGui for commercial app.


DO NOT HESITATE too much. Or wait for excelent documentation.. All this stuf will be ready when real Version 1.0..


But you need to see future now.


1. You will see actual number of interested Customer.

2. Customer will see that you are how much serious in this bussines. Customer loyalty will increase.

3. You will earn some money (Incentive) and speed up your development process.




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(+) look at Smart Mobile Studio.


They delivered their product V1 a mounth ago.. I downloaded trial..

Actually important parts were missing and even incompleted product!


Now they deliver V1.0.1 and lots of additions.


They put 350 EUR price! http://smartmobilestudio.com/store/


This is a development of low-budget model.


Best Regards


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WebBuilder is only for building client applications which will be used

into a browser. At this moment no support for other databases like MySQL,

only DBISAM and ElevateDB.


At this moment I struggle if 'm going to use UniGui or start over

with Visual Studio 2010 for building web application. Our main application

is build with Delphi 2007, Raize components, FastReport, MySQL and some

additional .dll.


I think the most can be build with UniGui but i missing lot's of features

in the components like allignment, borderstyle, correct positioning on

forms, dbgrid functionality you find them in Raize or http://www.scalabium.com/.

Just the things to make a application 'complete or the finishing touch'.

Don't misunderstand me, i like UniGui a lot and it has lot's of potention for

a Delphi Developer to build web applications.


For Delphi and Visual Studio are lots of components/Active X available and

i'm not sure if the are all supported by UniGui.


I also know that UniGui is at the beginning and Farshad is working very hard

to fix the bugs and extend the functionality to create a good framework.

The UniGui demo examples and yours on the site gave me a good feeling to start

building with UniGui. Maybe i must accept that not all features are compleet

at this moment.


Developing with UniGui makes the learning-curve a lot easier as start over

with Visual Studio



Regards Peter



look at this

1- Kitto: Data-driven Web Toolkit for Delphi developers


2- Elevate Web Builder - Rapid Application Development


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