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Unimage Flicker problem


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I'm loading a secuence of images on unimage (from a camera ip) , but a molest flicker is produced when loading the image. tested with iexplorer 9, and firefox.


in my uniapplication, i have a unitimer (interval=100), that get jpg frame from a remote camera ip, and load it on a unimage, but a molest flicker produced.

same problem using UniImage1.Picture.Assign(JpeGImg) or using uniImage1.url=xxx.


¿ any sugestion to remove the molest image flicker ?.

//my code.
Procedure TFramePreviewCore.GetFrame2; 
var url:string;

procedure TFramePreviewCore.UniTimer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
   try GetFrame2; except end;




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It is related to way browser handle images. Some browsers clear the image place holder before loading a new one.


Instead of uniImage you can use TUniCanvas to render images. It should resolve flickering.


thaks Farshad , but using unicanvas, painting every 100ms, cpu goes 100% and it's too slow. i will try with some html/javascript or ussing an applet and load on uniurlframe.



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