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Hi,I have downloaded version Great Job. This is the best web tools for Delphi.

What is the use of FetchAll in grid (webmode)?

You known that I am looking for advanced partial fetch on demand of big dataset in grids (and lookup) without visual pagination (as column sort and incremental (partial) searches)

FetchAll maybe related to this?

(Advanced grids and lookups with search, autoincrement, load on demand are the gap between web and Desktop. Please cover those ... and you (we) have the best web environment for developers...) I hope we give us soon news on this.

Good Job!

Stefano Monterisi

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Perfect Farshad....It's good.

But I need the opposite ! :)

We have big applications with big tables. User must search and sort (in grid) and scroll when it need to view records. So I need that grids (and lookup) load only few records and fetch other records on grid scroll. This permits to load fast the grid data on show ...

This is what you have already provide with WebOptions.Paged and WebOptions.pagesize!!! You only must manage with a likely "WebOptions.TrasparentPaged" (or a mix) the vertical scrollbar and when occour to fetching the next/previous page without pressing buttons, but only controlling if you have reached the start o end of page...This is the desktop way, and this help us a lot (customers are happy).

You can also introduce search capability in grid (typing in column header) and sorting. We can write web application with full "logic" of desktop. Great web application.

We use ElevateDB database that already fetch records on demand when scroll records...

We use AnyDac (multidatabase) that have a new Table that fetch automatically records on demand as a real table, but it perform little transparent queries for simulate and fill the table on demand. The same logic I hope to obtain on web grid...

Too much to ask?

Thanks in advance...and sorry for my english.

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