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One question: Can I modify the behavior of Time Editor? It show as a LookupComboBox with some discret values (I can edit directly, it is not a problem), but I prefer to show it sometimes like a spin editor, as it show in design time. I don't know how it is implemented in EXT JS, so that's why my question.

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Time editor we use is the default Ext JS implementation. I'm not aware of an alternative time editor. If there are any let me know.


Don't worry man. This Control is implemented as a TComboBox descendant, so for changing it behavior we need a plugin. Ok, let see more important issues.




PD: Picture taken from www.sencha.com and little modified to show what I'm talking about. I don't wanna any problem with SOPA or SINDE. More exactly from: http://docs.sencha.com/ext-js/3-4/#!/api/Ext.form.TimeField

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